Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing is the most cost-effective alternative to replacing your existing windows and much more energy-efficient too. Sheet Plastics will cut your sheets to any size or shape you require, so please get in touch for advice on fitting or measuring.

Our acrylic secondary glazing works hard to mimic glass to give you the same look and feel of a normal window. That’s why we’ve worked even harder to ensure it’s discrete and malleable in case you need to resize or remove it. But if you’re purchasing an alternative to a window, we want to provide you with added benefits normal double glazing cannot.

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Alongside our secondary glazing sheets, we offer DIY secondary glazing kits that will reduce outdoor sound transmission, and keep your home warmer by reducing heat loss from draughts and heat transfer through windowpane glass. It also provides additional security against burglaries and accidental damage. You will even have a better view of the world than before with a reduction in condensation.

Secondary glazing effectively works as a second insulating layer over the side of your existing windows, making it perfect for listed buildings. Our DIY secondary glazing kits are more affordable than replacing your windows, and will give you years of trouble-free service. It will even create the same effect as a purpose-built double glazed window.

1. What are the benefits of Secondary Glazing?

 - Cost-Effective & Energy-Efficient
 - Thermal Insulation
 - Soundproofing
 - Added Security
 - Discrete & Versatile

2. What are the key features of secondary glazing?

 - DIY Installation & Easily Removable
 - Low Maintenance
 - Listed Buildings
 - Durable and Malleable
 - Weather Resistant

3. What sizes are available for Secondary Galzing?

Our secondary glazing is cut to size and you can provide these in mm, cm or m. The thickness options are 2mm, 3mm or 4mm. Once we have these, select the polish, curve, holes, screws, adhesives, and cleaning supplies.

Acrylic sheets maximum size are 3040x2040mm, whereas secondary glazing is 1500x1500mm. If you’re unsure about the quality, you can order a 150x150mm sample.

4. What materials are used for Secondary Galzing?

We only use clear acrylic sheets as they mimic glass the best while introducing new benefits and features.

This material is cost-effective, easy to maintain, stronger than glass, and lightweight. It also includes protective film layers on both sides. It won’t discolour from UV rays, and it offers thermal insulation and can resist chemicals.


5. How easy is secondary glazing to maintain?

Maintaining and cleaning your secondary glazing is fairly easy. The products we recommend best work with the product provided, and choosing your own products may damage it. Regularly clean the sheet to remove dust, dirt, and grime with a soft cloth or sponge. Avoid materials that could scratch the surface.

Ensure you check for gaps, leakages, and condensation. This may be a sign it’s coming loose or wasn’t installed correctly. If they are too small or broken, it is cheaper to replace them than try to fix them. Secondary glazing can last for years with regular maintenance, but when it’s time, they are easily removed too.

6. How do I install Secondary Glazing?

Depending on the options you chose, you may need a screwdriver or drill. We can supply the drill holes and screws for you. If you don’t need these, you will need just the material, adhesive, and cleaning supplies. If you miscalculated the size, shave them down using a saw or utility knife, but you may need to polish the corners.

Quick installation steps:

 - Clean the frame (this is not your sheet, but the area you’re placing it onto)
 - Measure the frame
 - Cut the adhesive to these measurements
 - Apply adhesive to the frame
 - Peel off the first protective film from the sheet
 - Apply the adhesive to the sheet
 - Apply the sheet to the frame
 - Peel off the second protective film

7. How can I get a quote for customised Secondary Glazing ?

To receive a quote for tailored secondary glazing, just get in touch with our experienced team today. We’re excited to create a custom sheet that fits your vision perfectly and answer all your questions along the way.

Sheet Plastics’ secondary glazing is transparent, easy to install, and simple to maintain. Take advantage of our custom cutting service for a completely bespoke finish for all your windows. Our weather-resistant sheets provide a modern replacement of double glazing at a fraction of the price.

If you’re unsure about the thickness, polish or overall quality of the product, order a sample to see what works best for your space. Alternatively, give us a call at 01455 817469 to discuss the order process.

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