Published 23rd February 2017 by Sheet Plastics

Acrylic is used for a great number of uses around the home including kitchen wall panels, bathroom splashbacks and even aquariums. Now more than ever homeowners are using acrylic panels as secondary glazing. There are a tremendous number of benefits of glazing your home with polycarbonate or acrylic and it can all be achieved at very little cost.


The transparency of acrylic is 93% and is the clearest material known. This makes it highly suitable for windows and will let more light into the room than conventional glass double-glazing. All of Sheet Plastics products have UV stability meaning they will never go yellow, ensuring you have wonderfully clear windows throughout winter.

Secondary Glazing will drastically minimise drafts emerging through windows and doors and subsequently help you cut down your fuel bills. Acrylic is fairly flexible, allowing you to achieve an airtight perimeter, even on a fairly uneven wooden window frame.

Acrylic secondary glazing is a generally simple installation suitable for DIY enthusiasts. As it doesn’t require specialist tradesmen it is much cheaper to install that glass glazing. Acrylic will not shatter like glass and is much lighter making it far more manageable and convenient.

Acrylic acoustic secondary glazing can be used inside the home as a way of soundproofing interior windows. If you live near a busy road, installing acrylic panels to your existing windows will act as a sound barrier, significantly reducing those noises.

Secondary glazing units can be a solution for Listed Buildings and those in Conservation Areas. These types of buildings will benefit from secondary glazing, as it will increase the thermal efficiency of period windows without being seen from the outside. As this type of installation is removable you are unlikely to need planning permission or consent to install any units.