Published 23rd February 2017 by Sheet Plastics

Acrylic has a transparency level of 93%, clearer than glass, making it the perfect material to use for windows. It's commonly used in greenhouses, sheds, skylights and even as secondary glazing in homes.

Acrylic is the perfect secondary glazing systems plastic to use in your home as it has many beneficial properties. It is perfect for thermal and acoustic insulation helping you to cut down on drafts and reduce noise entering your home. All of Sheet Plastics acrylics have UV stability meaning they will never go yellow, ensuring you have wonderfully clear windows throughout winter.

The most common method of acrylic secondary glazing is the magnetic tapes system, which is very easy to install and gives you a good all round seal on your window frame. The magnetic and steel tapes are self-adhesive to make for quick and easy installation.

How to install acrylic secondary glazing

  1. Once your acrylic panels have arrived place them up to the window frame to ensure they are a suitable fit.
  2. Lay the panels on a flat surface and measure out the lengths of the panels on the secondary glazing magnetic tape. Then cut to size.
  3. Remove the backing strip from the tape and apply to the outer edges of the acrylic panel, ensuring the tape sets on all four sides.
  4. Apply the white steel tape on top of the magnetic tape. Make sure the two align exactly.
  5. Now place the panel up against the face of the window frame and press firmly into place.

At Sheet Plastics we provide cost-effective, cut-to-size, UV protected acrylic panels suitable for secondary glazing installation. For further enquiries or to receive a quote please contact us.