Multiwall Polycarbonate

At Sheet Plastics we have a fantastic range of premium polycarbonate sheets so you can be sure to find exactly what you need.

Our solid and multiwall polycarbonate offers 30x the impact strength of standard acrylic sheets and over 250x the impact strength of glass at the equivalent thickness. This material is well known for its UV protection and weather resistant properties making it ideal for secure outdoor projects such as greenhouses, covered walkways, canopies and roofing, and skylights.

With our price match guarantee you can feel confident in finding the finest polycarbonate sheet at the best price.

Want your sheets cut to size? To help minimize wastage and make your sheets easier to work with, all our products at Sheet Plastics are produced exactly to an view andyour specifications.  So why not get in touch and we’ll cut your polycarbonate sheet for you. 

Simply enter your sizes in our highly developed online tool, choose your materials and receive an instant online price for your plastic sheets. Hassle free!

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Here are our main types of Polycarbonate:

10mm_Clear_Twinwall.jpg       16mm Clear Multiwall

            Twinwall                                          Multiwall

Here are the colours that our Polycarbonate comes in:

16mm Clear Multiwall     16mm_Opal_Multiwall.jpeg     16mm bronze

                         Clear                                             Opal                                             Bronze

Here are the thicknesses that our Polycarbonate comes in:

4mm Clear Twinwall Cut To Size     6mm Twinwall.jpeg     10mm_Clear_Twinwall.jpg     16mm Clear Multiwall    25mm_Clear_Twinwall.jpeg

                      4mm                                                 6mm                                                  10mm                                                   16mm                                               25mm

NB: Please note that not all coulurs or variants are available in all sizes.

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