Acrylic Discs

Acrylic Discs

Looking for acrylic discs cut to size? At Sheet Plastics, we have the ability to create plastic discs to any diameter up to a maximum of 2m, in any colour or texture of acrylic. Whether you need coloured or clear acrylic discs, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for with Sheet Plastics. Browse our selection of acrylic discs online today.

Why Choose Acrylic Discs?

The versatility of our acrylic discs means they can be used in so many ways. Clear acrylic is often used for windows in sheds, or other structures with a circular window. It can also be used for secondary glazing on your circular windows. Clear acrylic can be used as a great alternative to glass. Acrylic has a high optical clarity, and it is 17x stronger than glass – making it a much safer option. Not only is it much stronger than glass, but it’s shatterproof and a lighter materiel. What’s not to like?

Acrylic discs are able to withstand a wide temperature range, and isare able to withstand cutting, bending and drilling. Our acrylic circles won’t be damaged by sunlight, thanks to their UV stability, our coloured acrylic discs and won’t be suffer discolouration.

With acrylic discs 2mm to 30mm thick in a range of colours, you’re bound to find the right acrylic discs cut to size for you. Discover our range today.

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