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At Sheet Plastics you can find a whole host of environmentally friendly recycled acrylic sheets that are sure to bring a pop of colour to any project. Looking for alternatives to recycled cast acrylic sheets? Look no further… This particular material of plastic sheets is the only type that can be recycled back to it's original raw material which allows manufacturing of sustainable products, but a proactive approach to 100% recycled and recyclable products. You can be part of reducing the use of raw materials, reducing carbon foot print (CO2 emissions) and above all respect for the environment and its primary resources. All of our environmentally friendly products are available in cut to size.

For added ease of use and to help minimize wastage, all our coloured acrylic sheets can be produced exactly to your specifications, including cut to size, polished and drilled. So why not get in touch and we’ll cut your acrylic sheet for you.

We offer next day delivery on all of our plastic products, our range of clear acrylic can also be used as an alternative to glass, majority of our products sheets cut to size can be utilized. Our alternative to perspex cast acrylic is available to purchase online. We also offer mirrored acrylic, coloured acrylic bathroom splashbacks, glass splashbacks also known as clear plastic sheets, other uses also include shower enclosures.

If you have any queries please contact us via email or call us today!

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