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Clear Plastic Sheeting Cut To Size

Our Clear Acrylic Sheets are 17x stronger than glass and also have a higher impact resistance. This makes our clear plastic sheeting a perfect alternative to glass in commercial and DIY projects. Here at Sheet Plastics, you can find a wide range of clear acrylic sheets in multiple thicknesses which can all be made to measure.

Clear Acrylic, often mistaken for brand names such as clear Perspex® Sheets, Plexiglas, Acrycast and Policril, is a hardwearing, optically transparent material that can be used in a diverse range of environments. Acrylic also boasts low moisture absorption qualities, high resistance to chemicals and UV resistance. With great optical clarity and strong weather resistance, clear acrylic sheets are a cheaper, lighter and safer alternative to glass for use in greenhouses, sheds, as secondary glazing and in DIY projects. Not only is clear acrylic sheeting safe due to its shatterproof characteristics, but it's extremely functional, too. The smooth surfaces are easy to clean using just a cloth and warm soapy water making the product a hygienic fit for bathrooms and kitchens.

Easily fabricated, our clear plastic sheets can be cut, bent, drilled, shaped, or milled to your exact requirements. Any cut surfaces can be readily sanded and polished for a professional finish.

Our clear acrylic sheets are available in a range of thicknesses from 2mm to 30 mm, so you’re sure to find clear plastic sheets in the size to suit you.

With our price match guarantee, you can feel confident in finding the finest clear acrylic sheet at the best price.

Want your clear plastic sheets cut to size? To help minimize wastage and make your sheets easier to work with, all our products at Sheet Plastics are produced exactly to your specifications. So why not get in touch and we’ll cut your acrylic sheet for you.

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