Polypropylene Sheets

Fluted Polypropylene Sheeting

At Sheet Plastics we have a range of tough Polypropylene sheets available to suit all your DIY and building projects.

What is Polypropylene?

Polypropylene is a tough but lightweight material that has excellent durability for all indoor and outdoor applications. This fully recyclable plastic has widely replaced traditional floor protection cover, such as plywood and hardboard, on construction sites due to its high impact resistance and low cost.

With very low moisture absorbency and excellent chemical resistance, Polypropylene sheeting can be used as a permanent formwork system for concrete construction. Its twin-walled polypropylene composition gives it a flat surface that readily accepts screen prints and adhesives, making it often used for temporary signage.

At Sheet Plastics we can provide you with Polypropylene floor protection sheets in a range of colours and thickness to suit any requirements. From a choice of black, blue, red, yellow and white Polypropylene sheets you’re sure to find the right sheets for your projects.

For an instant online quote for all Polypropylene sheeting simply enter your sizes in our online tool and select from our material options. With our price match guarantee you can feel confident in finding the finest Polypropylene sheeting at the best price.

Want your sheets cut to size? To help minimize wastage and make your sheets easier to work with, all our products at Sheet Plastics are produced exactly to your specifications. So why not get in touch and we’ll cut your Polypropylene sheets for you.

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