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1220mm Superglaze Secondary Glazing Strips - White

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Neat plastic glazing system that can be removed when needed
Superglaze grips the glazing sheet and is then fixed in place as an entire unit using screws. A plastic cover hides the screws and gives a neat finish.

The Superglaze system offers a robust PVC frame designed to edge both 3mm and 4mm plastic sheets or glass panels. The process involves cutting the moulding at the corners to create a precise mitre, affixing it to the window frame with screws through its built-in fixing channel, and then snapping on a cover strip for a clean and discreet finish that hides the screws.

Available in lengths of 2.44m or 1.22m, Superglaze comes in both white and brown options to suit various décor styles.

For installation flexibility, the Superglaze panels can be attached to operable window sections for continued ventilation and functionality, or fixed directly to the main frame to enhance insulation and block drafts. Superglaze can also be applied externally. It is important to ensure that there's a minimum of 20mm flat surface around the panel perimeter for secure mounting of the system.

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