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Looking for a perspex alternative? Our selection of coloured acrylic sheets cut to size is the perfect substitute. 

Our acrylic sheets are available in a standard or textured finish, and we have a number of thicknesses available. Acrylic also boasts low moisture absorption qualities, high resistance to chemicals and UV resistance. 

As one of the UK’s leading acrylic sheet suppliers, Sheet Plastics can provide you with a whole host of acrylic sheets that are able to add colour and or texture to any project.

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Coloured Acrylic - Cut To Size

For added ease of use and to help minimise wastage, all of our acrylic sheets can be produced exactly to your specifications, including cut to size, polished and drilled. 

With a range of fabrication options, you can select the perfect size, colour and thickness of coloured acrylic sheeting for your specific project - making it easier for you to get stuck in!

Uses of Coloured Acrylic Sheeting

Coloured acrylic sheets can be used in a diverse range of environments. The most common use of coloured acrylic sheeting is for bathroom and kitchen splashbacks.

With great optical clarity and strong weather resistance, clear acrylic sheets are also an affordable alternative to glass, for use in greenhouses, sheds, as secondary glazing and in DIY projects. 


Suitable for a wide variety of industries, coloured acrylic sheeting is also popular in point of sale displays. Our high-quality acrylic sheets have very similar characteristics to coloured perspex sheets, such as density, fire rating and maximum service temperature. At Sheet Plastics, our coloured acrylic sheets can be processed by methods including laser cutting, CNC Cutting, Bending, Polishing, Forming, Cutting and Moulding.

If you want to find out more, take a look at our guide explaining the difference between perspex and acrylic sheets.

Discover the different types of coloured acrylic plastic sheets we have available, and buy coloured acrylics sheets online.

If you’d like to find out more, be sure to check out the Sheet Plastics guide to acrylic.

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