Acrylic Sheets Cut To Size

Here you’ll find acrylic sheet cut to size to suit your exact specifications. Either browse our range of acrylic sheet products from the categories below, or enter your sizes into our calculator at the bottom of the page to get an instant price. By having your acrylic sheets cut to size, you’ll minimise wastage and only pay for the plastic you’ll be using.

Cut Plastic Sheeting

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Our acrylic sheeting is cut to size to tolerances of within 1mm. We also offer you the possibility to have your panel customised to your specification with a range of fabrication options. These services include Polishing, Radius Corners and Screw Holes. When selecting your radius corners, you can choose your radial size. Also, for screw holes, you can choose the size of the screw hole and choose the location too.

If you're ordering our plastic sheet cut to size for a specific room in your house, we have detailed buying guides that can help you through the process of selecting the perfects size, colour and thickness of acrylic sheeting for your specific project.

Find your fantastic plastic. Try our Quick Quote Calculator. 3 Easy steps to order made to measure plastic sheets.

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Why Use Acrylic Panels

All of our acrylic sheets are impact resistant and shatterproof making them perfect for any use. As well as being lighter and more durable than glass, our clear acrylic sheets have clarity of 93%, greater than many common glass options.

Our mirrored and coloured acrylics are easy to clean making them ideal for splashbacks, giving your walls a modern feel whilst protecting them from anything that you can throw at them.

Our plastic sheets are available in a range of finishes including matte, clear and high gloss allowing you to choose a style to suit you, whether you’d 


Is perspex the same as acrylic?

Sheets of Perspex® are essentially just sheets or acrylic however ‘Perspex’ is a brand whereas an acrylic sheet is an item. There are many other brands of acrylic such as Plexiglass, Acrylite and Lucite.

Can you cut perspex?

Yes, Perspex is just a brand name for acrylic sheets which we have available in a huge range of designs available for custom cutting.

How big is a sheet of acrylic?

Our acrylic sheets are available in a range of sizes up to 3040mm x 2040mm. We can cut our plastic sheeting to your desired size to minimise cost and waste.

Is acrylic stronger than Perspex?

Perspex® acrylic sheet is a brand of acrylic sheeting that has an impact resistance 17 times stronger than glass. There is no difference in strength between Perspex and Sheet Plastics acrylic sheeting.

Is acrylic better to use than glass?

All acrylic sheets, and branded acrylic such as Plexiglass and Perspex, are more shatter-resistant, stronger, lighter and more resistant to erosion than glass.

Can you drill through acrylic?

Acrylic sheets, and branded acrylic such as Perspex, Plexiglass, Lucite, and Acrylite, require special drill bits to properly drill through them. Our drills are designed specifically for drilling into acrylic sheets, unlike normal metal drill bits which cause damages such as chipping and cracking.

How do you cut acrylic cleanly?

Our cutting machines are designed to get the smoothest cut possible from any acrylic however if desired we can also polish the corners to ensure a flawless finish.

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