Splashbacks for kitchens and bathrooms

Splashbacks, Upstands or backsplashes are a popular solution to modernize any home. The material is a cheaper and more cost-effective way of improving your kitchen and bathroom. It is a perfect replacement for glass, tiles or wood.

If you are looking for a way to modernize your kitchen or bathroom and give a new contemporary, modern and sleek finish the acrylic or aluminum composite panels are the perfect solution.

They are affordable, practical and versatile in any kitchen or bathroom. The material is available in a matt/ frosted, mirror or high gloss finish depending on the type of look you are looking to achieve.

The colors available can be bright or neutral so are very versatile in any environment.


The material is easy to clean and easy to fit and is an ideal fit in any areas that are damp as they can be easily wiped down. They can be fitted using double-sided tape or silicone depending on the color you wish to go for.

PMMA Acrylic is 7 times stronger than glass and has a high impact strength which makes it durability and effectiveness in the kitchen or bathroom an easy way to transform any area. They are the perfect alternative to glass and are more cost effective.

The material comes with a protective film on both sides and can be cut easily using an electric jigsaw if you needed to make any amendments to the material after this has arrived. Cutouts can also be cut using an electric jigsaw if you would like the material to be fitted around plug sockets or showers.

This is also a service Sheet Plastics can offer, we would just require a drawing to be able to provide you with a quotation for this.

Splashbacks Range

Acrylic sheets are waterproof and can be sealed to the wall using a clear non-solvent based silicone.

We would not recommend using acrylic behind the back of a hob or cooker, we would recommend a product called aluminium composite which is available in various finishes and can give a unique finish when combined with the acrylic panels on the surrounding walls.

The Aluminium composite has a polyethylene core which is bonded in between two sheets of aluminum composites and is heat resistant.

The aluminium composite is offered in a wide range of colours or a brushed silver effect so can be extremely versatile in any environment. This product also comes with a protective film to protect the surface of the material when fitting.

The link below is for the aluminium composite and has a varied range of colours available all of which are available on a cut to size.

To fit this product you can use a silicone adhesive or double-sided tape and then use silicone to seal around the edges of the product.

Splashbacks Range

All the materials we offer are available cut to size, this means we can cut to your exact measurements and the product can be ready to fit as soon as this delivered. We do not charge for cutting and this service enables you to fit the product without the mess or hassle.

If you would like Sheet Plastics to produce the panels with the cutouts or any unusual shapes that you may have in the bathroom or kitchen, please contact our Bespoke Team and we can provide you with a quotation.

For the fitting of the splashbacks, we recommend leaving a 3mm gap to allow the material to expand and contract and then using silicone to seal around all the edges ensuring the product is complete water-tight.

For cleaning we advise you to clean this with a damp cloth, chemicals should not be used on this material as this will damage the material.

Our internal sales team are more than happy to advise on any installation advise you require and are available on the telephone or on our online chat feature.

The Gloss colours and mirror acrylic are available cut to size, we can also add screw holes, radius corners or polished edges.

Clear Acrylic or Tinted Acrylic is also the perfect addition to any bathroom or kitchen splashback. This is the ideal product to use if you are looking to protect the wall behind or wallpaper. If you are looking to create a barrier from any water this is the ideal solution. Easy to fit and a perfect solution to brighten up any kitchen or bathroom.

The clear acrylic and Tinted acrylic are available on the links below and are all available cut to size, again we can add screw holes, radius corners or polished edges.

We offer a full range of adhesives for our materials which will enable you to fit the material with as little hassle as possible and you can purchase everything you need from our web store. For fitting splashbacks, we recommend using a clear silicone or double-sided tape depending on which color you choose, however, our internal sales are available for any queries you may have.

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For more information about our bespoke splashback services, read our complete acrylic splashback guide.

At Sheet Plastics we offer our customers a bespoke splashback design service where we are able to make your splashbacks to your exact requirement.

No job is too small for our expert team here at Sheet Plastics. We work daily with different projects for clients.

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