Our selection of splashbacks offer a practical and stylish solution for protecting your kitchen and bathroom walls. Beautiful design doesn't have to mean a huge price tag; our splashbacks are a cost-effective and simple alternative to tiles. With a range of colours and finishes available at Sheet Plastics, we are sure you will find the perfect splashback to compliment your home.

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We offer a fantastic range of durable splashbacks that are aesthetically pleasing, easy to install and simple to clean. Take advantage of our fully bespoke design and cutting service on all our splashback panels to give an amazing professional finish to your dream home.

Whether you're looking to update your existing kitchen or bathroom splashback with something more functional, or want to create a modern feature wall while renovating your home, splashbacks provide the perfect solution.

All of our splashbacks can be cut to size so you receive a high-quality, bespoke splashback made to fit your home perfectly. What’s more, Sheet Plastics offer an extremely affordable solution to your splashback needs.

What types of splashbacks do we offer?

Kitchen Splashbacks

Whether you're looking to replace your existing kitchen splashback with something fresh or you're wanting to add more functionality to your kitchen or bathroom, we have the perfect solution. Generally found on the walls behind counters, sinks and ovens to protect your walls from kitchen hazards such as cleaning products, food splatters or grease. They also offer an opportunity to add a design element to your kitchen.

Printed Splashbacks

Looking to add a personal touch to your home project? Upgrade your kitchen or bathroom with our printed splashbacks. They are available in a range of bold and vibrant colours, as well as classic shades and minimalist patterns to complete your dream space. Printed splashbacks are perfect for when you want to add texture and unique colours to your home.

Bathroom Splashbacks

Looking to transform your bathroom? Our bathroom splashbacks are ideally suited for use as shower panels, shower screens, bath panels or bathroom sink splashbacks. Bathroom splashbacks are waterproof, durable and come in a wide range of colours and patterns. They are quick to install, cost-effective and protect your walls from getting splattered with water, which could lead to mould or damp. 

To find out more about our amazing range of splashbacks, take a look at our comprehensive guide below which covers the types of splashbacks we offer and more:

 - The benefits of a splashback
 - Splashback materials
 - How to clean your splashback
 - Standard sizes vs custom splashbacks
 - How to install your splashback
 - Receiving a quote for a custom splashback

1. What are splashbacks and what are the benefits?

Splashbacks are panels installed behind sinks, showers, oven tops and countertops to protect your walls from water splashes, food splatters, household products and stains. They come in a range of colours and patterns which elevates the style of your kitchen or bathroom while providing cleanable, hygienic protection for your walls.

Splashbacks protect walls from:

 - Water damage
 - Food splatters
 - Grease and grime
 - Household products
 - Stains

In protecting your walls from these hazards, you save yourself time and money in potential repairs and repainting. They are easy to install and come in a range of designs to set your kitchen or bathroom apart from the crowd.

2. What materials are used for splashbacks?

Splashbacks are crafted from a variety of premium materials that are easy to cut, easy to install and easy to clean. As well as producing splashbacks that are highly aesthetic, Sheet Plastics’ splashbacks are renowned for their durability and performance.

The type of material used depends on the intended use and environment but our splashback materials include:

 - Acrylic 
 - Poly-Glass (PETG)
 - Aluminium composite

3. How easy are splashbacks to clean and maintain?

All of our splashbacks are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Cleaning is a breeze with mild soapy water and a soft cloth, ensuring low maintenance and long-lasting colour. All our splashbacks are hard-wearing and fade resistant to guarantee your perfect splashback for years to come. 

Learn more about how to clean your kitchen splashback.

4. What sizes are available for splashbacks?

What sets Sheet Plastics apart is our ability to create a custom, one-off splashback for your home or business. We offer a variety of sizes to accommodate different kitchen and bathroom layouts. Where many companies only offer you the choice from standard sizes, we can cut to fit any custom size tailored to your specific needs.

In general, industry standard kitchen splashback sizes are:

 - Small: 600mm x 750mm
 - Medium: 700mm x 750mm
 - Large: 900mm x 750mm

In comparison, our acrylic sheets are available in an extensive range of sizes up to 3040mm x 2040mm meaning that you can create your perfect custom splashback to fit. Once you’ve measured your space and confirmed the custom size you need, feel free to contact us and we will be able to talk you through the easy process.

5. How do I install a splashback?

Due to the lightweight materials used for our splashbacks, typically installation is extremely simple, even for DIY customers. Small household applications can easily be done yourself. If you require more information on fitting, contact our friendly customer service team

Once your splashback has been cut to size, you’ll need to apply it to the wall. First, ensure that all surfaces are clean and dry. Peel back any protective plastic before applying your chosen adhesive. Carefully position your splashback sheet into place. Once pressed onto the wall, wipe away any excess adhesive that might escape from the sides. You might want to use tile spacers to prop the splashback up while it dries completely over 24 hours.

Quick installation guide:

  1. Prepare the workspace
  2. Measure and mark
  3. Clean the wall
  4. Peel off any protective plastic
  5. Apply adhesive to back side
  6. Position the splashback
  7. Press and secure
  8. Clean excess adhesive
  9. Let it dry
  10. Enjoy your new kitchen/bathroom!

As well as residential use, our versatile splashbacks are suitable for commercial applications including washrooms, saunas, salons and leisure centres. They are popular with any business, restaurants and hotels seeking to enhance their interior design.

6. How can I get a quote for a customised splashback?

To receive a quote for a customised splashback, simply get in touch with our friendly team. We’re more than happy to create a custom splashback that fits your vision perfectly.

We can also provide samples of splashback materials so you can see which colour or texture works best for your space. Contact us to request a sample and discover the quality of our splashbacks for yourself.

Sheet Plastics’ splashbacks are aesthetically pleasing, easy to install and simple to maintain. Take advantage of our custom cutting service on all our splashback panels for a completely bespoke finish to your dream kitchen or bathroom. Our functional and stylish splashbacks provide a modern alternative to tiles at an affordable price. 

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