Splashbacks for kitchens and bathrooms

If you’re looking for a great way to modernise your home, look no further than an acrylic splashback from Sheet Plastics. Bespoke splashbacks are a great way to give the rooms in any house great finishing touches, especially the kitchen and bathroom. With over 30 colours to choose from, Sheet Plastics are able to provide made-to-measure splashbacks, the perfect finishing touch for any room. Find out more about acrylic splashbacks. 


Why choose an acrylic splashback?

You can install splashbacks anywhere you like in the home, but they’re best suited in the kitchen or bathroom. Kitchen splashbacks are ideal for keeping your walls clean from mess caused by food and cooking. 

Splashbacks Range


Bathroom splashbacks are a great way to remodel, and are a fantastic alternative to tiles. With so much potential for water damage to your bathroom walls, you’ll want to do what you can to protect them. That’s where our bathroom splashbacks come in.

Splashbacks Range

Looking for more inspiration for kitchens and bathrooms? Visit our dedicated pages for each room.

For more information about our bespoke splashback services, read our complete acrylic splashback guide.

At Sheet Plastics we offer our customers a bespoke splashback design service where we are able to make your splashbacks to your exact requirement.

No job is too small for our expert team here at Sheet Plastics. We work daily with different projects for clients.

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