Kitchen Splashbacks

Kitchens are an ideal place to use our different types of plastic for different needs, looks and solutions. Here’s some inspiration for how you can give your kitchen an amazing wow factor and a real modern look and feel, with our kitchen splashback ideas:


Acrylic can be used for kitchen splashbacks for a modern every day look and feel. They are easy to install and simple to clean and maintain and can look fabulous. We at Sheet Plastics offer a full bespoke design and cutting service from your specific requirements to give an amazing and professional finish. We can cut to almost any shape or size, cut out space for wall sockets or power cables and our full range of thicknesses and colours are available although 5mm thickness is what is used in most cases.

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Acrylic Kitchen Splashbacks

Acrylic splashbacks are used to cover the walls generally in kitchens replacing tiles and protecting your walls from food, water and general grease marks. At Sheet Plastics we offer over 30 different colours and effects that you can choose from. We offer a large selection of acrylic sheets in different effects and styles.

Glass splashbacks are more expensive, will shatter, are susceptible to chipping and cracks and you are limited to colour selections in glass. Glass is much heavier than acrylic and more difficult to install. Acrylic is a cost effective, impact resistant, lightweight, easy to clean and maintain and easy to install product. Acrylic splashbacks are a fantastic alternative to glass splashbacks.

Because our range of acrylic splashbacks are produced using some of the best acrylic sheets from around the world, our acrylic kitchen splashbacks are extremely easy to put to the wall and  attach to almost any surface. We would recommend using 5mm thickness which will make your acrylic splashback more rigid, but many people choose 3mm and it is very rare we hear of any issues regarding installation or the rigidity of the panel.


If so in this case you cannot use acrylic as a cooker splashback due to the fire rating of the acrylic sheet. Our plastic splashbacks are normally used for the walls of the kitchen and behind the hob we recommend using steel, glass or our range of other materials mainly being our range of aluminium composite sheets. You can view our range of Aluminium Composite products here.


Once you have decided what area you are looking at covering it is best to draw out on a piece of paper the area that is going to be covered. include also any parts that will require cut outs such as sockets, wall units or cooker isolators.

If you are fitting your acrylic splashback to a surface between your worktop and a cupboard it is recommended to leave a 1mm top and bottom to ensure the panel fits but also ensures minimal movement. Also check that all worktop surfaces and cupboards are all level. These small gaps can be filled in later with sealant as you will want to prevent moisture from running down the walls and behind the splashback from the top.

Now measure the total width and height of acrylic needed and then mark it on your plan (remember to leave 1mm top and bottom). Don’t forget to measure space to cut around any cupboards , again leaving a slight gap for movement.

When it comes to sockets and switches, a gap between 3mm - 5mm is left around the cut out socket face sits inside it. Sealant can then be applied around the inside of the gap to seal the socket and the edge of the acrylic.

Now you have the measurements, why not get in touch with Sheet Plastics’ team of experts to discuss how we can create your splashback to your exact specification. Alternatively, you can attempt to cut the materials and finishing yourself. Please contact our bespoke design team on or call them on 01455 501 339

At Sheet Plastics we offer our customers a bespoke design service where we are able to offer a range of processes to make your plastic sheets produced to your exact requirement.

No job is too small for our expert team here at Sheet Plastics. We work daily with different projects for clients.

Get in touch today with our sales team to discuss your requirements and kitchen splashback designs.

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