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Fluted Polypropylene Sheeting

Fluted Polypropylene is a tough but lightweight material with excellent durability for all indoor and outdoor applications. 

We can provide you with fluted polypropylene in a range of colours and sizes to suit any requirements. From a choice of black, blue, red, yellow and white, you’re sure to find the right fluted polypropylene sheets for your projects.


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What Is Polypropylene Sheet Used For

Wondering what products are made with fluted polypropylene? This fully recyclable plastic is widely used in both indoor and outdoor advertising as well as packaging.

The beauty of fluted polypropylene is found in its corrugated design. This design element works like a support beam, similar to a cardboard box. These corrugations add strength and stability to the polypropylene sheet while heaping weight low. It is for this reason that fluted polypropylene sheets are popular for crates, dividers and Point of Sale (POS) displays.

As well as strength, fluted polypropylene is also malleable, allowing it to be shaped and moulded to suit a variety of different needs. Its surface can be flat or “waved”, and is conducive to printing, meaning it is customisable, which is perfect for signage.

Where to Buy Polypropylene Sheets

As one of the leading fluted polypropylene sheet suppliers, we stock a wide selection of fluted polypropylene sheets with a great selection of colours, sizes, thicknesses and finishes. You can also place bulk fluted polypropylene sheet orders through Sheet Plastics.

For an instant online quote for all fluted polypropylene sheeting, simply enter your sizes in our online tool and select from our material options. With our price match guarantee, you can feel confident in finding the finest fluted polypropylene sheeting at the best price.

How to Cut Polypropylene Sheets

Fluted polypropylene is a tough material, so cutting it can be slightly tricky. We recommend using a CNC router machine to cut your polypropylene fluted sheet, which will produce the best results. 

If you want polypropylene sheets cut to size, we are here to help. All of our products at Sheet Plastics are produced exactly to your specifications and measurements. This ensures your sheets are ready to go for your projects!

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How do you cut polypropylene sheets?

Cutting polypropylene is all about using the right equipment. A serrated fine-toothed saw will allow you to cut into your sheet easily and cleanly, provided you clamp the plastic into place beforehand. 

What are polypropylene sheets used for?

They are often used for chemical tank lining, screen printing, packaging and manufacturing boxes. This is because polypropylene has excellent resistance to chemicals and is very strong. It is often regarded as the “steel of the plastic industry” because of its strength.

Do they scratch?

Polypropylene sheets have excellent resistance to scratches. So unless an unusually sharp blade comes into contact with your polypropylene, it will withstand years of use without sustaining scratches. 

Do they fade over time?

No. Polypropylene has enhanced resistance to UV radiation which prevents it from sustaining damage or degrading over time. So if you’re using coloured polypropylene sheets for your project, you can rest assured that their colour will not fade. 

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