Plastic sheets are a versatile solution for a multitude of applications. Whether you’re looking to enhance the appearance of your roof with reeded panels, or simply add a shatterproof mirror to your bathroom, there’s something for everyone.


Our wide variety of colours, textures, finishes, and sizes provides a completely bespoke process, tailored to your exact requirements. If you’re not quite sure what you need, don’t hesitate to contact us for expert advice; we aim to get it right the first time, everytime.


 Sizes vary, ensuring flexibility to fit projects both small and large. Our frosted windows can span an entire office wall to keep confidential information secret during a business meeting. Or if you require a small, temporary shop sign, our sustainable recycled options are perfect for you.

What Applications Are Applicable?

1) Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing adds an additional layer of glazing to windows for improved insulation and noise reduction.

2) Secondary Glazing Kits

These kits provide easy solutions for installing secondary glazing, including all the necessary components for an efficient setup.

3) Mirrors

Plastic mirrors offer a durable and lightweight alternative to glass, suitable for various settings, from residential to commercial.

4) Roofing

Plastic roofing is weather-resistant and comes in a variety of colours, providing protection and colour matching to keep the charm of your property.

5) Multiwall Roofing

Multiwall roofing sheets provide enhanced insulation and structure compared to single-layer sheets, ideal for a multitude of settings.

6) Printed Splashbacks

Protect your space from mess with our printed plastic sheets used in both kitchens and bathrooms, simultaneously adding aesthetic appeal.

7) Garden Shed Windows

Plastic sheets for garden shed windows offer weatherproofing and affordability compared to glass windows.

8) Sneeze Screens

Transparent sheet plastics act as barriers and are used in various settings, especially in healthcare, to prevent the spread of germs and maintain hygiene.

9) Cladding

Plastic cladding is low-maintenance, versatile, and provides an aesthetic texture for multiple surfaces, often used in construction.

To find out more about the use of plastic sheets across different applications, take a look at our comprehensive guide below, including:

 - Advantages of plastic sheets
 - Material usage
 - Maintenance and cleanliness
 - Sizing and customisation
 - Installation
 - Quote process

1. What are the benefits of using plastic sheets for these applications?

The advantages of each plastic sheet vary based on the specific application, but typically include the following:


As the heat is kept in and the cold is banished, you won’t find yourself turning on your heating or air conditioning as often. Over the first year, you will start to see a steady reduction in energy consumption and costs.


If you need a strong, long-lasting alternative, consider opting for plastic sheets. They are shatterproof and lightweight, making them safer for DIY projects.

Ease of Maintenance

Plastic sheets are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Simply wet a soft cloth with soapy water to remove any mess, followed by a stain and scratch remover for stubborn marks. Our panels also act as a barrier to unwanted bacteria, reducing the risk of getting sick.


The increase in insulation provides an energy-efficient alternative. The majority of heat is lost through gaps in our doors and windows, but our plastic sheets reduce that heat loss.

Noise Reduction

Plastic sheets add an additional layer to your existing window, or can be a standalone screen if required. Through its airtight capability, outside noise is reduced and indoor acoustics are improved.


Specific finishes give a sense of relief with added privacy. For example, a frosted finish provides extra privacy when showering or even having an important business meeting.


Our plastic sheets come in a variety of sizes, colours, textures, and finishes for all types of applications, and the benefits change based on these.


Plastic sheets are resistant to harsh weather conditions, from heavy snowfall to extreme temperatures. Cold weather and UV rays can’t leak through the gaps, reducing condensation, mould, and sunglare.



2. What materials are used?

We offer a premium selection of panels across multiple applications, ensuring only the best for your project. We will adhere to your every need and cut them exactly to your specifications, ready for easy installation.

The material you choose depends upon the application, but all our plastic sheets are manufactured using the highest quality materials available, including:

 - Polycarbonate
 - Polypropylene
 - Polystyrene
 - Pet G
 - Foam PVC
 - Acetal
 - Aluminium

3. How easy are plastic sheets to clean and maintain?

There’s no need to worry about maintenance as our panels are easy to clean and remove. We ensure strong durability and performance for several years, but the only way to guarantee this is to keep good care of your plastic sheets.

But that doesn’t mean the process is difficult. Simply wet a soft cloth with warm, soapy water and wipe away any debris.


If you’re feeling fancy, use a specialised cleaner for long-lasting colour, also perfect for removing scratches.

4. What sizes and customisation options are available to cater to different project needs?

The size of your plastic sheet depends on the type of application and your specific requirements. The thickness varies between 2 mm to 12 mm, whereas the actual panel could be anywhere between 1500 mm to 6000 mm.

Each sheet is customisable by length and width, and we can advise if you’re unsure about the size. If you can’t measure using millimetres (mm), our system also understands centimetres (cm) and metres (m), as we know some projects are better suited to other measurements.


We have an extensive range of different colours, textures, and finishes available, from your standard neturals to obscure shades. You can choose a completely plain and clear sheet, or opt for something a little more unique.

Our full range includes ->

- Reeded panels
 - Smooth panels
 - Recycled panels
 - Mirrors
 - Satin
 - Matte
 - Anti-reflection
 - Transparent
 - Block colour
 - Gloss
 - Opal
 - Tinted
 - Fluorescent
 - Frosted
 - Metallic
 - Shimmer
 - Glitter

5. How easy are plastic sheets to install across different applications?

While it depends on the specific application, installation is typically extremely simple, even without prior DIY experience. Our materials are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, whether you’re installing secondary glazing or a bathroom mirror.

Small household applications can easily be done yourself, such as splashbacks. If you require more information on fitting, contact our expert customer service team.

Each application requires different installation instructions, but here’s our general guide so you know what to expect:

 - Prepare the space
 - Measure and mark
 - Peel off any protective plastic
 - Clean the area and plastic sheet
 - Apply adhesive
 - Position the plastic sheet
 - Press and secure
 - Enjoy your new space!

As well as residential use, our versatile stock is suitable for commercial applications, including washrooms, restaurants, and shopping centres. Our panels are proven popular with any business or homeowner seeking to enhance both their interior and exterior design.

6. How can I get a quote for a customised plastic sheet tailored to my specific needs?

To receive a quote for a customised plastic sheet, just get in touch with our friendly team today. Our expertise ensures a custom plastic sheet that fits your specific needs perfectly.

We can also provide samples of materials so you can see which colour, texture, and finish works best for your project. Contact us to request a sample and discover the quality of our materials for yourself.

Plastic sheets add charm to any space, are easy to install, and simple to maintain. Our energy-efficient sheets are proven cost-effective, providing a modern alternative to a variety of materials, including glass and tiles. Take advantage of our specialised cutting service on all our panels for a truly bespoke process.

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