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Plastic Internal Cladding

Need plastic wall sheets? Interior PVC cladding is a high quality flat UV-stabilized PVC sheet. 

Our wall cladding sheets are easily formed and ideal for a wide variety of applications, with a selection of clear PVC sheets and coloured PVC sheets.

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What are PVC Cladding Sheets Used for?

Our plastic cladding is used for wall cladding, advertising & signage and where sterile surfaces are needed such as kitchens, medical spaces and also for air ducts.

PVC cladding sheets are an excellent printing substrate for the advertising and signage industries, suitable for digital or traditional printing. Breakthrough HYG technology adds active hygienic action to PVC Cladding for areas requiring high sanitation. 

Our hygienic wall cladding sheets are also a great alternative to ceramic tiles, and also much easier to maintain. PVC wall cladding sheets do not need to be cleaned as often but keep the same levels of hygiene. Whether you have old or new surfaces, our cladding can be applied in the same way. 

Capable of withstanding high and low temperatures, interior PVC cladding sheets are highly recommended for hygienic wall protection in different environments. Interior PVC cladding is also designed to protect your walls from unwanted water damage. 


Where to Buy PVC Cladding Sheets

Sheet Plastics has different sizes and styles of interior wall cladding sheets to suit your needs. So whether you’re looking to remodel a room in your home, such as the kitchen or bathroom, or even if it’s to use in commercial public areas, we have exactly what you need.

Explore our full selection of Interior PVC Cladding sheets online today.


How to Cut PVC Cladding Sheets

To cut PVC cladding sheets, use a fine-tooth handsaw and take care not to damage the sheets. Alternatively, you can shop for PVC sheets cut to size at Sheet Plastics.

Our PVC cladding sheets are produced exactly to your specifications and measurements!

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Is interior PVC cladding cheaper than tiles?

Yes. Interior PVC cladding is substantially cheaper than tiles because it's made of plastic. Plastic is far easier, faster, and cheaper to manufacture, hence its lower price point. PVC cladding is a highly cost-effective alternative to tiles. 

How long does interior PVC cladding last?

PVC cladding can last for up to 50 years with regular maintenance. So you won’t find yourself replacing it any time soon!

Can you put interior PVC cladding over wood?

It is not recommended to put PVC cladding over wood, as the insulation can accelerate the deterioration of the wood, especially if it is already damaged. 

Can interior PVC cladding help to prevent damp and mould?

Interior PVC cladding helps prevent dampness and mould as their surface harbours no pores for dirt and mould to build up in. This lack of pores offers a wipe-clean surface that is incredibly easy to clean.

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