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4mm White Fluted Polypropylene Sheet 2440 X 1220

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White Polypropylene Sheet

Sheet Plastics range of Polypropylene sheets are premium quality sheets that come in different colours and sizes. Higly verstaile, these sheets can be cut, bent, drilled, shaped, cnc cut and machined to your exact requirements. Perfectly suited to numerous manufacturing appliances - white polypropylene sheets have a number of benefits which are listed below. 

  • High flexability 
  • High impact strength 
  • Lightweight 
  • Excellent Insulation 
  • Low cost 
  • Extremely tough 
  • Great chemical resistance
  • Low moisture absorption 
  • FDA approved 

What is White Polypropylene?

 White polypropylene is a type of polypropylene plastic that is specifically colored white. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer widely used in a variety of applications due to its advantageous properties like the ones listed above. 

Key Applications

  • Screen Printing
  • Sublimation Printing
  • Packaging
  • Manufacturing Boxes
  • Machinery Compontents 
  • Wall Panels 
  • Sterile Packaging 
  • Lab Equipment
  • PoS Displays
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Colour White
Thickness 4mm
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  • Polypropylene Sheet FAQ's

    What is Polypropylene used for?

    The most common application people will know is house sign for sale boards, these are produced from Polypropylene and digitally printed


    Is Polypropylene recyclable?

    Yes Polypropylene is fully recyclable


    Can you hand cut Polypropylene?

    Yes Polypropylene is very easily cut by hand using sharp scissors or a Stanley knife

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