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35mm Bronze Multiwall Cut To Size

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Sheet Plastics range of Structured roofing Sheets are cut to your exact size. 

Our range of Structured Polycarbonate Sheets are of excellent quality and are UV resistant.

NOTE: The flutes of the sheet will run along the length.

Our range of structured polycarbonate sheets offers a light-weight sheet with high effect energy and advanced thermal insulation. The product can be used for numerous roofing, wall
cladding, and glazing applications.

Sheets with a thickness of 10mm or greater will be delivered pre-taped and equipped with both aluminum and breather tape.

Key Features

  • Made from super strong polycarbonate
  • Available in Clear for high light transmission
  • Available in Opal or Bronze colours 
  • UV Protected Material 
  • The sheets are Class 1 fire rated, smooth to handle and deploy
  • Excellent Chemical resistance
  • Easy to handle and install


  • Secondary Glazing
  • Greenhouse Glazing
  • Shed Glazing
  • Roofing Applications
  • Car Ports
  • Lean to / Conservatories 
  • Skylights 
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Colour Bronze
Thickness 35mm
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  • Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets FAQ's

    Will the sheets be supplied with tape already fitted?

    Our sheets are provided with anti dust breather tape and aluminium tape applied on either end of the sheets providing the sheets are 10mm thickness and above. 

    If the sheets are lower than 10mm thickness they would not be taped.


    Which thickness of multiwall polycarbonate do you require? 

    Our polycarbonate sheet has six different thicknesses. These include 4mm, 6mm, 10mm, 16mm, 25mm and 35mm. Each is specifically designed for different applications, from balcony partitions to greenhouse roofs. If you plan to use our multilayer polycarbonate panels for roofing projects, please make sure to use a thickness between 10mm and 35mm. If you use it to create a safety barrier on a balcony or other form of cladding, 4mm or 6mm are both ideal choices. The thicker the polycarbonate, the higher the strength it will provide.


    How do you join the sheets together? 

    It is easy to connect multi-wall polycarbonate panels. You only need to use glazing bars, which can be purchased in different lengths and can be purchased to suit various thickness materials. The Glazing bar will need to be fitted onto a wooden timber as they are not self supporting.


    How do you cut Multiwall Polycarbonate sheets? 

    To cut a multiwall polycarbonate sheet you'll simply need to use a fine tooth blade. This does not necessarily need to be powerted.. Also ensure that the polycarbonate is at room temperature, as it may split if cut when extremely cold.


    Are the polycarbonate sheets easy to clean?

    Cleaning your panels is easy, you can clean these using warm soapy water. 


    Can this material be drilled?

    The material can be drilled, we would advise taking your time when doing this. 


    What is the difference between the solid polycarbonate sheets or roofing sheets?

    The solid polycarbonate sheets are flat sheets whereas the roofing sheets are structured and have flutes running through these. 

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