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3mm ABS Stone Granite Effect 2500 x 1250mm

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  • Cost-effective replacement for solid surface material
  • Aimed specifically at the POS, shopfitting and sanitary market
  • UV protected due to the addition of an acrylic capping
  • Can be used internally or externally
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Excellent temperature performance
  • Great electrical insulation properties
  • Fire retardant

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is an opaque thermoplastic and amorphous polymer. “Thermoplastic” (as opposed to “thermoset”) refers to the way the material responds to heat.

The ABS material lends itself towards a great number of applications, including encasings, automotive, and durable point of sale applications.

ABS provides favorable mechanical properties such as impact resistance, toughness, and rigidity when compared with other common polymers. A variety of modifications can be made to improve impact resistance, toughness, and heat resistance.

Even though ABS plastics are used largely for mechanical purposes, they also have electrical properties that are fairly constant over a wide range of frequencies. These properties are little affected by temperature and atmospheric humidity in the acceptable operating range of temperatures.

Additional properties:

  • Form: solid sheet
  • Odour: None
  • Melting point / range: 90-130ºC
  • Decomposition temp: >270ºC
  • Vapour pressure: Not applicable
  • Specific gravity: 1.05 – 1.12 @ 25ºC
  • Flash point: >355ºC
  • Auto-ignition temp: >370ºC
  • Flammability: Not applicable
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