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Sheet Plastics offer a  range of acrylic mirror and this product is available in many different colours. The mirror sheet products are excellent for many applications and have lots of advantages over using glass mirror.

Before purchasing, please read our fitting guide. Click here for more info.

Our range of acrylic sheets are versatile which means that they can be cut, bent, drilled, shaped, router cut, laser cut, moulded and machined to your exact requirements. Acrylic sheets have many brand names which include Plexiglas, Perspex, Acrycast and Policril.

With a highly reflective mirror surface our acrylic mirrors are durable with a hard surface on the reverse. They're shatter resistant with a high impact strength, an ideal alternative to glass mirrors.

Please note we would advise this material is adhered to the wall using a non-solvent base adhesive or Mirror Mate.

Key Features

  • Low Cost
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • UV Stable ensuring the products will not discolour
  • Stronger than glass and less than half the weight
  • Protective film to avoid from scratches
  • Fantastic Thermal Insulation
  • Stronger than glass


  • Gym Mirrors
  • Horse Stable Mirrors
  • Signage
  • Point Of Sale
  • Table Covers
  • Garden Mirrors(Needs to be pre-backed for protection from water ingress)
  • Decorative Applications
More Information
Colour Red
Thickness 3mm
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  • Acrylic Mirror FAQs

    Is an Acrylic mirror like a glass mirror?

    Acrylic mirror does not have the rigidity of glass making the acrylic mirror sheet more flexible. Because of this if applying to a wall you need to make sure the wall is completely flat and has no imperfections, if this is not possible we recommend mounting to a thick mdf sheet.

    How do you decide whether to use 3mm or 5mm thickness?

    This would depend on the size you are looking to fit and your budget. The thicker the sheet of mirror is the more rigid the sheet will be. Our sales team can advise on this and help with the best thickness material for your project. 

    How do you mount an acrylic mirror to the wall?

    Again you need to make sure the surface is completely flat, we recommend using our specialised product mirror mate, or you can screw to the wall.

    Can you use an acrylic mirror in the bathroom?

    This product can be used in the bathroom however you need to make sure the edges are all sealed using silicone, this is to ensure no water can get onto the backing of the mirror.

    Can acrylic mirror be used for exterior use?

    Acrylic can be used for exterior use however you do need to make sure the edges are completely sealed so that no water can get onto the backing of the mirror. We would also advise backing this onto mdf.

    Click here to view fitting guide

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