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4mm Secondary Double Glazing Edging Strip - White

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Simple and cost effective glazing system.
Flexible PVC edging strips give a neat finish and are held in place by clips and screws.

The Clipglaze system features a pliable PVC edging strip that neatly encapsulates glass or plastic sheets, secured in place with sturdy nylon clips and screws. Its precision is enhanced by the use of a mitre gauge, an exclusive tool for crafting perfectly angular corners, emblematic of our kit's uniqueness.

Available for sheet thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 6mm, the Clipglaze edging comes in transparent, brown, or white options. You can opt for individual components or select from our pre-pack kits (except for the 5mm version), which are available in lengths of 15m or 5m and include an adequate number of clips and screws for installation. Each pre-pack is complete with a mitre gauge and detailed fitting guidelines.

For the secondary pane, Clipglaze offers versatile installation options: attach to operable window sections for functionality and airflow or affix to the main frame to enhance thermal efficiency and reduce drafts. For optimal window operation, external glass installation is advised, with a recommended overlap of 10mm on all sides for the secondary pane.

As an installation tip, the edging strip becomes more pliable with heat. For ease of use, warm it in an airing cupboard or a similar warm area overnight. When applying the edging strip to the glass, avoid dragging your finger along the back to press it down swiftly; instead, apply it gradually, a few centimeters at a time for best results.

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