Foam Cut to Size

Not only do we supply some of the best foam PVC sheets available in the market that can be used in a number of indoor and outdoor projects, but we also provide a foam cut to size service if you’d like accurately cut foam, perfect for any purpose.

Foam PVC sheet is an extremely strong and durable material, which is why it is typically used for signage, wall cladding, point of sale displays, model making and exhibition stands. It readily accepts prints, paints, adhesive and decorative laminates.

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How to Cut Foam PVC Sheets at Home

If you’re wondering how to cut PVC foam boards at home, you’ll be pleased to know that foam PVC is extremely easy to cut in one cutting movement. However, we do advise that if you do cut the material, take your time to measure and cut for a more accurate finish. 

We recommend using a steel rule to cut straight and to cut lightly rather than too firmly. Foam PVC can also be cut by using a sheet metal cutting machine for ease.

As foam PVC is made from eco-friendly thermoplastic materials, any offcuts can be recycled with no risks or dangers to the environment. Fortunately, PVC foam board is also considered a green material and is proven to have no harmful effects on health, and is therefore completely safe to cut at home.

Ordering Custom Cut Foam PVC Sheets

To order custom cut foam PVC sheets, simply select your chosen foam PVC sheet and enter your requested sizes in our online tool, then select from our material options for an instant online quote. We provide a great selection of foam PVC sheeting in a spectrum of colours, thicknesses and finishes.

With our price match guarantee, you can feel confident in finding the finest foam PVC at the best price.

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