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Magnetglaze Extreme Dispenser Pack 10 Meters

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Magnetglaze Extreme Dispenser Pack 10 Meters.
Specifically for 6-8mm material thickness.

Easily removable and replaceable glazing system in a larger 10m pack. Magnetglaze Extreme, at 25mm wide, is supplied only in 10m cardboard dispensers, again, for ease of use during installation.

A cost effective, detachable glazing system that is fixed in place magnetically, allowing for easy removal and replacement. Uses the same magnets and steel, but the magnetic strip is already attached to rigid PVC capping, enabling framing of the glazing sheet after cutting 45 degree corners mitres using the special Mitre Bead provided.

Magnetglaze Extreme, a standout in the secondary glazing lineup, is your go-to solution for securing larger and draftier windows with thicker panels. This system features a pair of 25mm strips—one metallic, the other magnetic. The white-faced metal strip comes with an adhesive foam backing and is affixed to the window frame to outline the glazing area. Correspondingly, the magnetic strip—also with an adhesive side—is applied around the perimeter of the acrylic pane.

Please note, all Magnetglaze variants are exclusively for internal application and are unsuitable for glass installations. For optimal insulation and safety, attach Magnetglaze to the main frame rather than to operable windows or skylights.

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