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Acrylic will accept paint, screen print and vinyl appliques making it a versatile material perfect for signage, advertising stands and fittings.

At Sheet Plastics we can supply a wide range of acrylic sheets in many different colours and thicknesses to suit a range of applications.

You will commonly see acrylic business signs, retail and restaurant signs, clothes shop fittings, nameplates and badges, and house address signs all made of varying types of acrylic.

To help get the ideas flowing here are some examples of acrylic signage


House numbers and signs

Create your own unique custom house sign to add a sleek, modern feel to any home. Available in a range of colours, textures and thicknesses, acrylic sheet is durable, lightweight and easily fabricated. For house numbers and signs, 7mm acrylic sheet is usually the preferred choice.  From floating numbers to plaques and signage, present your home with style.

 House sign 1    House number

Plastic shop signs and fittings

Have your retail space stand out from the crowd with acrylic shopfront signage. Our acrylic sheets are UV stabilised for good weatheribility and resistance to prolonged sunlight exposure making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Your shop window signs can be made with either clear or coloured acrylic to make a sleek, modern statement and enhance your business. 

 shop sign

Acrylic office signs

If you run a hotel, guesthouse or other business you could create a professional appearance using plastic business signs. Easy to make, hardwearing and cost effective, why not try your hand at making acrylic signs for your office.

 office sign

Decorating your acrylic sheet


Once you’ve cut your acrylic to the required size, it is recommended that you polish the edges for a clean finish. Clean the surface by removing any dust, masking residue or static charges with a lint-free damp sponge.

Screen Printing

This is a suitable option for volume production. Acrylic can be decorated by screen printing whereby paint is applied using a screen in a fluid, uniform motion.


Paint is usually applied to acrylic using an atomizer spray gun system that will distribute oil-free paint evenly across the surface. Areas not to be painted can be covered with masking to produce clean lines and edges.

Vinyl appliques

Vinyl films can be applied to acrylic for a modern, professional finish. Depending on the size of the graphic and the type of vinyl film, the vinyl wrap can be applied using either the dry or wet method.

 At Sheet Plastics we supply a variety of made to measure plastic sheets in a range of colours, textures and thicknesses. We can sand and polish any cut surfaces so it’s ready for all your DIY projects. Simply enter your required dimensions into our online calculator for an instant online quote. 

No job is too small for our expert team here at Sheet Plastics. We work daily with different projects for clients. Discover our plastics.

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