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Swatch Set (Frosted Range)

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Frosted Acrylic Swatch Range

Immerse yourself in the subtle sophistication of our Frosted Acrylic Swatch Range, featuring a variety of frosted finishes that we stock. Each swatch in this collection highlights the refined elegance and premium quality of our frosted acrylic sheets.

Our frosted acrylic sheets are available in both standard and textured finishes, and come in a range of thicknesses to meet your specific needs. Frosted acrylic is celebrated for its excellent light diffusion, UV resistance, and high chemical resistance, making it a superb choice for numerous applications. Ideal uses include privacy screens, light diffusers, decorative partitions, and signage.

Experience the unique combination of translucency and privacy that frosted acrylic offers, perfect for both residential and commercial environments. The frosted swatch range provides a comprehensive preview of the exquisite finishes available, ensuring you find the ideal match for your project.

Please note that swatch sets are non-refundable for orders over £30, and sample delivery costs do not apply to swatch sets.

Discover the understated beauty and versatile functionality of our Frosted Acrylic Swatch Range, designed to enhance and inspire your creative and practical applications.

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