Glazing - secondary, new or replacement glass

Glazing - secondary glazing and fittings

Now more than ever homeowners are using acrylic panels as secondary glazing. There are a great number of benefits of glazing your home with acrylic and it can all be achieved at very little cost.

At Sheet Plastics we can supply a wide range of acrylic sheets in many different colours and thicknesses to suit a range of applications.

Here are some ideas of what you can do with your plastic sheets


Acrylic secondary glazing

Acrylic secondary glazing units are easy to install and fairly flexible, allowing you to achieve an air-tight perimeter, even on uneven wooden window frames. Acrylic acoustic secondary glazing can be used inside the home as a way of soundproofing interior windows. If you live near a busy road, installing acrylic panels to your existing windows will act as a sound barrier, significantly reducing those noises.


2mm Secondary Double Glazing Edging Strip 



Magnetic acrylic windows

Secondary glazing magnetic creates a firm and air-tight seal, but allows the acrylic sheet to be removed and replaced time and again. As it sustains good weatheribilty and UV stability, secondary glazing systems plastics is also suitable for temporary windows such those required on building sites.

Acrylic secondary glazing is a generally simple installation suitable for DIY enthusiasts. As it doesn’t require specialist tradesmen it is much cheaper to install than glass glazing and only requires a handful of fittings.  Acrylic will not shatter like glass and is much lighter making it far more manageable and convenient.

Glazing1   Glazing2

EasyGlaze Secondary Glazing

Race car panels and windows

Durable plastic sheeting is also commonly used for specialist uses such as race car panels and windows. It’s thermoformability and durability make it suitable for interior car parts such as trim rings, speaker grilles and race car switch panel. Plastic sheet yields when under extreme conditions and is therefore often moulded into race car body parts. Its light weight makes it ideal for boats, cars and other transport. 

car1   Car window2

At Sheet Plastics we offer our customers a bespoke design service where we are able to offer a range of processes to make your plastic sheets produced to your exact requirement.

No job is too small for our expert team here at Sheet Plastics. We work daily with different projects for clients.

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