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  1. Trophies And Employee Rewards

    Custom-Made Sport Trophies And Employee Rewards

    Bespoke acrylic trophies and awards are a great reward for a job well done. Whether it’s to crown the winners of the football league or to highlight the hard work of an employee, a personalised trophy is an effective and much appreciated way to commemorate an achievement.

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  2. The Sheet Plastics Guide To Acrylic

    The Sheet Plastics Guide To Acrylic

    At Sheet Plastics, acrylic is just one of the materials that we manufacture and supply; we do so in various different forms, and with over 5 years of experience and over 50,000 satisfied customers, we know what we’re talking about.

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  3. What Is the Best Acrylic Sheet to Use for You?

    What Is the Best Acrylic Sheet to Use for You?

    We’ve seen some incredible trends over the years of homeowners using objects they find around the house to create some incredible pieces of decoration or upcycling furnishings which they already own.

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  4. Plastic Scratch Repair Guide

    Plastic Scratch Repair Guide

    As much as we try to avoid it, scratches can always appear on everyday surfaces and while these imperfections can be frustrating, it isn’t always worth replacing the plastic if it can be easily repaired without the need for professionals. However, you can buff out those blemishes and your plastic can be saved with our favourite tried-and-trusted method.

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