Monthly Archives: October 2023

  1. Clear Acrylic Sheet: Comprehensive Guide

    Clear Acrylic Sheet: Comprehensive Guide

    At Sheet Plastics, we have ample experience in producing and delivering the clear acrylic perspex sheet.

    Today, we wanted to offer a comprehensive guide on what this product actually is. In our experience, people rarely understand the benefits that acrylic sheets offer. We are going to first define what the product is. We also want to outline some uses and key advantages, in the hope that you may make use of acrylic in your next project.

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  2. coloured acrylic sheets

    The Advantages of Coloured Acrylic Sheets

    Coloured acrylic sheets have many more advantages, uses, and types than you may think. In fact, you’ve likely seen them on windows and in artwork without realising it. There’s no particular advantage of the colour you choose, but there is with the properties and transparency. Read on to discover the world of coloured acrylic sheets.

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