1. clear-acrylic-sheets-guide-sheet-plastics

    Your Guide to Clear Acrylic Sheets

    The clear acrylic sheet is a versatile product with great strength, and is suitable for a range of applications. Continue reading as we unpack this in more detail. 

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  2. multiwall-polycarbonate-advantages-sheet-plastics

    The Advantages of Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

    In the hopes of becoming more sustainable, DIYers and architects alike are on the hunt for an environmentally friendly material to replace our current methods.

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  3. Solid-pvc-sheet-plastics

    Foam PVC vs Solid PVC: Which Is Better?

    Are you wondering whether foam or solid PVC sheets are better for your project? Here at Sheet Plastics, we know the many factors of both materials and will help you come to a conclusion

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  4. Acrylic-sheets-vc-polycarbonate-sheets-sheet-plastics

    Acrylic Sheets vs Polycarbonate Sheets: A Comparison

    Choosing the right type of plastic sheets is the difference between a durable, long-lasting and efficient result. Acrylic vs polycarbonate sheets are two very different materials produced using a variety of methods that change the flexibility and shape of the sheet.

    While acrylic sheets are the more popular choice, its polycarbonate alternative has excellent moulding and heat-resistant properties. Let’s delve into the differences between these two options!

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  5. Swimming-pool-polycarbonate-sheets-sheet-plastics

    The Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Plastic Sheets

    In this article, we will discuss the many advantages and disadvantages of different plastic sheets, and their usage across different applications. Let’s dive into our diverse range of products, shall we?

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  6. clear-acrylic-sheet-guide-sheet-plastics

    Clear Acrylic Sheet: Comprehensive Guide

    In our experience, people rarely understand the benefits that acrylic sheets offer. We are going to first define what the product is, and then outline some uses and advantages.

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  7. coloured acrylic sheets

    The Advantages of Coloured Acrylic Sheets

    Coloured acrylic sheets have many more advantages, uses and types than you may think. Read on to discover the world of coloured acrylic sheets.

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  8. how-clean-acrylic-sheets-guide-sheet-plastics

    How to Clean a Clear Acrylic Sheet: A Quick Guide

    For anyone who has a transparent acrylic surface in the home, it is useful to know how to clean a clear acrylic sheet. Read on for more.

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  9. acrylic-vs-glass-sheet-plastics

    Acrylic Plastic vs Glass: Which One Is Better?

    In this month’s article, we’ll discuss the properties of acrylic plastic and why it is a great alternative to glass.

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  10. how-drill-acrylic-sheets-sheet-plastics

    How to Drill Acrylic Sheets

    To drill acrylic without the risk of finishing with cracked acrylic, there are a few steps you should follow. We have compiled a list of suggestions to help you learn how to drill acrylic properly. 

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