coloured acrylic sheets

Coloured acrylic sheets have many more advantages, uses, and types than you may think. In fact, you’ve likely seen them on windows and in artwork without realising it. There’s no particular advantage of the colour you choose, but there is with the properties and transparency. Read on to discover the world of coloured acrylic sheets.

Advantages of Specific Coloured Acrylic Sheets

There are no proven benefits of choosing a specific colour acrylic sheet, but each colour has its own meaning and representation. Maybe you want a specific colour for the aesthetic or to lift your mood. If that’s the case, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about coloured acrylic sheets.


Black plastic sheets show elegance, often seen in designer retail stores and minimalistic homes.


Blue acrylic sheets are often found in hospitals and offices to represent calm and trust.


Brown plastic sheets are perfect if you want to mimic wood without the potential dangers or cost of the real thing. They also have a rustic look for a vintage feel, or a natural look suitable for furniture.


Gold is the universal colour for all things luxury. Giving off a rich, prestigious vibe, this colour is perfect for furniture, artwork, and decorative wall pieces.


Green acrylic sheets represent freshness and growth. If you are one with nature, you may benefit from the calming feeling of this colour.


You may think grey is a boring colour, but it’s the perfect representation of neutrality. It complements various uses, like rooflights needing that tinge of colour to reduce brightness. It’s often found in industrial settings, but is popping up in modern properties too.


Orange shows the energy you want to portray. It’s cool, lively, and engaging whenever you cross it in a windowpane at a retail store or on billboards.


While pink is known for being a flirty, playful colour. It’s often used in children’s toys and makeup, so it’s highly regarded in marketing.


Besides being the worldwide colour for allergens, purple is seen as a regal, royal, and sophisticated colour in the UK.


Red is a passionate colour known for its romantic, yet dangerous accents. You’ll see this colour in promotional material and during holidays specifically.


White stands for cleanliness and purity. If you want a minimalistic, clear look, this is your colour. You’ll find it in hospitals, offices, stores, laboratories, really all property types.


Yellow means happiness, and if you need a mood booster, this is certainly the colour for you. It’s cheerful and welcoming, and overall helps spread a positive vibe when you need it most.

Advantages and Features of Acrylic Sheets

There are many advantages and features of acrylic sheets that you may not know about. Whether you’re using it as an alternative to double glazing or for an art project, you won’t lack in benefits.


Acrylic sheets are inexpensive in comparison to its alternatives, such as double glazing. They’re perfect for both big and small projects as they are customisable by size, shape, and thickness, be it construction for a new build or plastic keychains that have recently come into fashion.

Thermal Insulation

With the added thermal insulation, you’ll find yourself keeping your heater or radiators turned off during the colder months. Acrylic sheets are extremely energy-efficient because of their non-porous surface, meaning harmful toxins and the cold can’t enter. They also reduce the condensation obstructing your view, so your sheet will always remain transparent.


Those in urban areas where the city never sleeps will benefit from these acrylic sheets. Our sheets have a soundproofing ability that hampers sound absorption, whether that’s a rowdy crowd, a concert, or construction, keeping your space quiet for remote work or an important meeting.

Added Security

The additional security allows time to sound the alarm before attempted burglaries and property damage takes place. Our acrylic sheets are shatterproof, so you can rest assured you’ll get years out of them before they start to wear.

Discrete & Versatile

Acrylic sheets are great to use on windows as secondary glazing because they’re able to mimic the look, feel, and texture of glass. Our transparent plastic sheets have a transparency of 93% and are one of the clearest materials on the market.

DIY Installation & Easily Removable

Our acrylic sheets are easy to install as well as remove. We recommend you watch a quick tutorial beforehand to ensure you know the steps before approaching the task yourself, but there’s truly no need for a professional. Once your sheets have started to wear, you can just pull them off with a scraper and some force before replacing them.

Low Maintenance

There’s no need to regularly maintain acrylic sheets as they are resistant to most things. If it accumulates dust, dirt or grime, simply wipe it off with a duster or a soft cloth or sponge. We recommend you use specialist products to reduce scratches, marks, and streaks.

Listed Buildings

For those who work in or own a listed building, you’ll understand the difficulties of planning permission, which acrylic sheets don’t need. These properties are graded by age, which could mean they’re also national heritage buildings. You cannot change its state as it’s of historical importance and could lead to damage.

Durable and Malleable

If you’ve accidentally placed your acrylic sheet in the wrong place, you can easily take it off and move it. Or if you’ve miscalculated the size, shape or thickness, you can shave it down using a saw or utility knife, but you may need to polish the edges.


Acrylic sheets can resist harsh weather conditions, whether that’s heavy snow or a torrential downpour. You won’t find much, if any, condensation on your windows, and you can rest assured they won’t smash or let in any of that horrid weather. What’s even better is that you can retain the temperature without any heat escaping.

Types of Acrylic Sheets

Coloured acrylic sheets come in a variety of textures and transparency options. Each of these have their own benefits and uses.

Transparent Acrylic

Transparent plastic sheets are exactly what they sound like. Their see-through ability makes this type of acrylic best for secondary glazing or screens that you can find in museums and schools.

Translucent Acrylic

Translucent acrylic allows for some of its background to be seen through the sheet, but not  a lot of it. These sheets are often a lighter colour, such as yellow and green. Darker colours are still translucent, but they won’t be as clear.

Opaque Acrylic

Opaque sheets don’t allow any transparency. They are completely solid in colour and block UV rays. You’ll often find them on billboards and signage to attract attention.

Fluorescent Acrylic

Fluorescent acrylics are very similar to neon colours, except fluorescent lights use massive amounts of currents, whereas neon uses a small amount. Instead of installing lights, plastic sheets will save you money while still giving you that bright, vivid glow you require through UV rays.

Mirrored Acrylic

Mirrored acrylic is also what it sounds like, but it’s not as clear as you may think. Mirrored acrylic tends to have a sheen, so it’s important to put it in the right place to avoid sun or light glare. Though, they’re primarily used for art projects and commercial decorations rather than actual mirrors.

UV-Resistant Acrylic

UV-Resistant acrylics are designed to withstand harsh sunlight so no unwanted heat is sent into your home. They’re not just used for your windows, but for outside installations too, which is why they need to be colour-balanced.

Coloured acrylic sheets are a versatile and valuable addition to a wide range of applications. Whether you're looking to enhance the aesthetics of your space, improve energy efficiency, or ensure added security, acrylic sheets offer a solution.

Explore the world of coloured acrylic sheets and discover how they can transform your space. With a variety of colours and types to choose from, we can tailor your project to meet your specific needs. Don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions or if you need help choosing the right acrylic sheet for your application.