The Benefits of Using Coloured Acrylic Splashbacks in Your Kitchen

Coloured acrylic splashbacks are now, more than ever, popular amongst kitchen designers, design enthusiasts and homeowners. 

But why is this? Broadly speaking, a splashback in the kitchen has a number of advantages over tiles. Going further, opting for acrylic as the material has a number of benefits. As a material, it is cost effective, durable and easy to clean. Thus, it is the perfect material for a kitchen. 

Today, we at Sheet Plastics are going to explore coloured acrylic splashbacks in ample depth. We are going to help you understand why so many people are turning to acrylic. Moreover, we are going to guide you through the number of benefits which can be experienced. 

We hope by doing so, you will have the confidence to select it as a primary material in your next kitchen renovation project. Continue below for more information.

What Are Coloured Acrylic Splashbacks?

For those with limited experience in this area, a splashback is a fundamental component in any kitchen. It offers practical and aesthetic value, as a protective covering for the wall behind the cooker or sink. 

It is used, typically, as a barrier between the wall and spills, stains or water. It is also used to enhance a kitchen’s design scheme. 

Although tile was the most popular choice in the construction of the kitchen splashback for some time, the trend has shifted. 

Coloured acrylic splashbacks for kitchens are now hugely popular. Offering a number of advantages over tile, including improved hygiene and cost, it is what many people who are completing renovations rely on. We are going to explore the benefits in greater detail below.

Coloured Acrylic Splashbacks for Kitchens: The Benefits Explained

A kitchen splashback should be, above all, stylish and durable. That way, it works to enhance the aesthetic as well as offering good levels of protection. 

We appreciate that if you do not have first hand experience with acrylic, it can be hard to understand how it offers advantages of tile. So, are acrylic splashbacks any good? Allow us to explain. 

Extensive Colour Options

The fantastic thing about acrylic is that you have an extensive range of colour options to choose from. Moreover, acrylic can be treated and altered to offer different finishes. 

Whilst this is true for other materials, you are likely to pay a great deal of money for tile that is coloured or patterned. 

Thus, coloured acrylic splashbacks are available in a variety of colours and you won’t spend a fortune finding the right colour for you.

Easy Installation

If you are opting for a tile splashback, you will more than likely need to enlist the help of an expert. Unless you are experienced, installing tile can be complicated and requires a meticulous approach to be done correctly. Plus, you need to consider placement and grouting. 

In the case of acrylic sheets, it can be easily adhered to the existing wall. This is a huge plus for homeowners who lack carpentry experience, as the installation process is simple and quick. Even if you have experience with tile however, you are likely to save a lot of time. 

Superior Levels of Hygiene

Although tile can be cleaned, it is still porous. This means that some compromises have to be made from a hygiene standpoint. Moreover, the porous nature of tile means that over time it will experience high levels of degradation. Degradation of the grout, for example, is a common occurrence. 

Acrylic can be easily cleaned and maintained, offering great levels of hygiene and making it easier for homeowners to maintain a clean kitchen. In a professional environment, this is also a huge time saver. 

Strong and Durable

It is a common misconception that acrylic is weak. In fact, it is a highly durable and strong material that offers fantastic levels of UV and impact resistance. A glass splashback, for example, comes with safety concerns as it is likely to shatter on impact. If you have children or pets, this is even more disconcerting.

If you are looking for a strong, adaptable and durable material for your kitchen splashback, acrylic is a really great option.

Cost Effective

Whilst some people wish to invest in the best materials on the market, others want to create an aesthetically pleasing kitchen on a budget. 

If you fall into the second category, acrylic is the material for you. It has many of the same benefits of tile or glass, whilst being superior in some instances. And overall, it is more cost effective than glass or tile.

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We hope you enjoyed the article on the overall benefits of using coloured acrylic in the kitchen. 

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