Using Acrylic for Point of Sale Displays

Point of sale displays are pivotal in enticing customers to buy a product or attracting attention to specific offers or literature. They can be found in supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, service stations, shopping centres and offices, and can come in the form of various types of displays. 


We’re certain you can find coloured acrylic or clear acrylic for your next point of sale display project. 


In this guide, we have listed some examples of acrylic point of sale displays and how you can use acrylic for point of sale advertising.

Menu Holder

Acrylic is often used in restaurants and cafes to display the menu as an acrylic menu display. These are positioned on tables to show the food and drinks available and can easily be wiped clean after every sitting. 


As they are easy to clean and maintain, acrylic menu displays can be reused a number of times. If you opt for an acrylic menu holder that your menu can slot straight into, you’ll be able to easily change the menu when pricing is amended or new items are introduced. 

Shop Fittings

One of the most in-demand forms of point of sale displays is for shop fittings to display products as retail points of sale. The purpose of point of sale displays is to effectively insert a product into a customer’s path and entice them to make a purchase, or at least consider a purchase for next time.


Whether that be acrylic display shelves or tiered acrylic steps to showcase a variety of products at different heights. They are also superb for creating a professional display for new product releases in department stores and supermarkets.


Acrylic retail displays are extremely cost-effective and can be used time and time again. As they are made from acrylic, they can very easily be wiped clean when fingerprints and marks are likely to build up. To match your branding, you can even choose the colour of acrylic to complement your display. Or alternatively, opt for a clear acrylic.

Leaflet Holders

A leaflet or brochure holder is a great way to keep your business organised and tidy while encouraging customers and clients to pick up and browse your leaflet or brochure. They work fantastically in receptions, countertops, showrooms, waiting rooms and even in public spaces, such as shops or shopping centres.


Acrylic leaflet holders can be wall-mounted or displayed on a countertop - it’s entirely up to you! Having the option to wall-mount your brochures and leaflets means that you can display them virtually anywhere, freeing up as much countertop space as possible.


For multiple leaflets/brochures, you can choose a tiered holder to separate your literature.

Business Card Holders

Business cards are the first impression many potential customers will have of your brand and are pivotal in establishing a warm personal relationship with clients. A business card holder can organise your cards and display them in a way that visitors can grab a card in passing. 


They are most useful in displaying your business card in communal receptions or business exhibitions. 


When displaying different business cards, you may also wish to use a tiered business card holder to separate the business cards.

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