All You Need To Know About Acrylic Secondary Glazing

Acrylic is used for various uses around the home including kitchen splashbacks, bathroom wall panels, and even aquariums due to its anti-porous surface, strength, and durability. Now more than ever, homeowners are using acrylic secondary glazing panels because of their proven insulation efficiency and low price point. There are tremendous benefits of glazing your home with polycarbonate or acrylic. So, read this article and learn everything you need to know about the benefits of acrylic sheet secondary double glazing. 


Aesthetic appeal

Despite being made of plastic, acrylic never discolours when in the presence of UV rays. Our range here at Sheet Plastics is designed with UV stability in mind to ensure that you have wonderfully clear windows all year round. Clear acrylic has a transparency of 93% and is one of the clearest materials on the market. This is what makes it such a great material for use on windows. 



Acrylic is an incredibly efficient insulator due to its non-porous surface. This is a valued and desired quality of double glazing, and acrylic secondary glazing exceeds the expectations of with flying colours. The knock-on effects of this are invaluable, as while insulating your home, acrylic sheet secondary double glazing will minimise the drafts emerging through your windows and doors and subsequently help you cut down on your energy bills. Our double glazing kits can help you to achieve an airtight window perimeter, even on an uneven frame. Installing your acrylic secondary glazing with the right tools can help to further emphasise the positive impact of the insulation that acrylic provides. 



Acrylic acoustic secondary glazing is a slightly different type of acrylic glazing because it is specially designed for the home as a soundproofing method. Installing acrylic acoustic secondary glazing will significantly reduce the noise levels you experience if you live beside a busy road or street.



Acrylic secondary glazing generally requires a more simple installation process than glass. It does not require specialised tradesmen to install, and the installation process is far cheaper. Here at Sheet Plastics, we have a lot of installation accessories available to make the installation process even easier! Additionally, acrylic doesn’t shatter like glass does when under enough pressure and is almost half as heavy as glass. These practicalities make acrylic secondary glazing a far more manageable and convenient alternative. 


Outside of the home

Acrylic sheet secondary double glazing sheets can also be a fabulous solution for listed buildings and those in conservation areas, as the thermal efficiency of the windows will be extremely beneficial to those in them. This type of installation is removable, so you’re unlikely to need planning permission or consent to install any units. 



What can Sheet Plastics do for you?

Here at Sheet Plastics, we have a range of products available to suit any needs or requirements without ever sacrificing quality. If you’re interested in any of our products, please don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss your options with one of our highly experienced sales representatives.