Pink acrylic splashback

Splashbacks are a modern and more hygienic alternative to tiles. If you're looking to redecorate your bathroom or update the decor then acrylic splashbacks will work perfectly. Homeowners are opting for acrylic splashback panels for bathrooms these days over the tradition tiles, as they are much easier to fit and require little maintenance once in place.

Acrylic splashbacks are more than just a practical solution in bathrooms, they can also be a stunning feature. A vibrant colour will stand out in any room and turn the splashback into a decorative piece of art. Alternatively, a pale or neutral colour will provide that extra glisten to give the bathroom a sleek, premium finish. At Sheet Plastics acrylic is available in a colour, finish and thickness of your choice, so it's possible to fully coordinate your bathroom for seamless quality .

Splashback bathroom panels are easier to fit than you might expect. Acrylic is lightweight, shatterproof and durable so it's easy to cut and fit all on site. However, if you require fabrication on your acrylic splashbacks (cut outs, sockets and holes) then we will happily arrange that for you too.

Bathrooms are notoriously hard to keep clean but with acrylic, unlike tiles, there's no grouting involved so they're easier to maintain and no risk of unsightly mould build-up. Acrylic bathroom splashbacks provide an impressive watertight finish that looks stunning and performs impeccably against the rigours of daily use.

At Sheet Plastics all of our acrylic sheets are made from only the highest quality materials. We offer an excellent range of acrylic splashbacks that are all designed and produced to your exact specifications, so all you have to do is simply put the panel in place and fit. We also offer a range of fixing accessories to assist you in your installation.

To receive a quote for splashback panels for bathrooms simply use our cut-to-size tool or email us [email protected]