How To Install Magnetic Acrylic Windows

Magnetic acrylic windows are the easiest method to add an extra layer of insulation to your home. Especially in the current cost of living crisis, finding new ways to save money is an invaluable way to spend your time. For this reason, acrylic windows will be a fantastic option for you. 

Acrylic is an incredibly versatile and efficient material, with many added benefits that other materials don’t have. With a transparency level of 93%, clear acrylic is in fact clearer than glass, and instantly a notable contender as an alternative to usually expensive glass windows. Acrylic is commonly used in greenhouses, sheds, skylights, and even secondary glazing in homes, thanks to its low price-point but efficient properties.

But what are magnetic acrylic windows? This article will answer your question and give you a little more information about acrylic windows. 



As mentioned above, acrylic is clearer than glass and is a fantastic method of insulation in an increasingly expensive economy. Acrylic is naturally incredibly useful for thermal and acoustic insulation, properties that will both reduce the amount of heat escaping your home and the level of noise coming in. Every piece of Sheet Plastic’s acrylic is designed with UV stability in mind to ensure that it can withstand constant sun exposure without discolouring. This added attention to detail allows your windows to stay clear and sparkling all year round. 


How to install acrylic secondary glazing

The most common method of installing acrylic secondary glazing is the magnetic tape system. Magnetic acrylic windows attach to your existing window using two incredibly strong magnets that keep your acrylic secondary glazing in place. Read below to discover how to install them.


  • Measure your windows

You’ll probably have measured your windows before you even ordered your acrylic sheet, but it’s always best to measure your windows again and compare them to the measurements of your acrylic sheet. If your sheets are too big, all you need to do is say them down a little. 


  • Measure the glazing magnetic tape

By laying the acrylic sheet on the floor, you can accurately measure the amount of magnetic tape you need to secure your sheet to your window. Cut to size once you’re sure of the measurements. 


  • Secure the magnetic tape

Remove the backing strip from the tape and stick it down to the outer edges of the acrylic panel. Ensure that the tape sets on all four sides so you don’t encounter any problems. 


  • Apply the white steel tape

Next, apply the white magnetic tape on top of the magnetic tape. You must ensure that the two align exactly, or else the integrity of your system may be compromised. 


  • Install the frame

Finally, you can place the panel up against the face of the window frame and press it firmly into place. You must ensure to put pressure on the strip to get it to stick properly, or else it could fall later on. 



What can we do for you?

Here at Sheet Plastics, we provide cost-effective, accurately sized, and UV-protected magnetic acrylic windows suitable for secondary glazing installation. If you’d like to inquire about any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll always be happy to answer any questions you may have.