acrylic sheets

Acrylic plastic is an incredibly versatile and durable material that is used for many purposes across various industries. From automotive to construction, each property of acrylic makes it ideal for use in every sector, including art and design. Making art with acrylic is simple when you have the right tools. But what are the right tools? In this article, we will cover each property of acrylic and how they make acrylic plastic an ideal material of choice for your next project.

Why Make Art With Acrylic?

Art and design aren’t simply about taking paint to canvas. It is about expressing creativity with the tools you have and experimenting with different mediums to create something new. Each property of acrylic will allow just this and provide total freedom to create anything you want. Acrylic can be bent, cut, moulded, and shaped any way you please, which allows the opportunity for some very interesting art pieces and room design features. So, what are the greatest benefits of acrylic plastic for art and design?

  • Low cost - Acrylic plastic is easily synthetically manufactured, as proven by its incredibly low price point. Acrylic is a fantastic alternative to glass in terms of cost, as clear acrylic can achieve the same level of optical clarity at a mere fraction of the cost. The comparative cheapness makes acrylic a greatly inexpensive material that you can afford to make mistakes and experiment with.
  • Easy cleaning - Making mistakes in art is to be expected, and should it sit on display for years at a time, some dirt build-up will inevitably occur on the surface. Cleaning traditional art pieces can be difficult to do without interfering with the piece itself. However, a great property of acrylic art pieces is their extremely easy cleaning, which can be done thoroughly without compromising the condition of your creation. Acrylic plastic has a non-porous surface, which means it will not absorb moisture from the air and dirt will not collect on the surface. Acrylic can be cleaned easily with warm water and a soft sponge without the need for specialist cleaning materials.
  • UV Stability - Here at Sheet Plastics, we ensure to coat each of our acrylic plastic sheets with a UV-stable film, which prevents the sheet from discolouring and dulling over time. This will make your art piece invulnerable to damage from prolonged sunlight exposure and will allow you to store it anywhere without worrying about it becoming discoloured.
  • Simple Machining - As previously mentioned, it is incredibly simple to machine acrylic plastic and forms it into the shape you need it to be. No matter what shape you may need your acrylic to be, where the drill holes should be located, or the curvature you require, acrylic plastic can accommodate your needs.

Project Ideas

Now that we have covered why each property of acrylic makes acrylic plastic the perfect medium for art creation, we’ll discuss some projects that your acrylic will be suitable for. The feasibility of the following projects will depend on the tools you have at your disposal, and your skill level, but they’re all just as fun to create!

  • LED Table - The wonderful thing about clear acrylic plastic is its optical clarity. It is just as transparent as glass while weighing up to 50% less. It is also incredibly easy to install LED lights between two panes of acrylic, so you can have a brightly coloured side or coffee table!
  • Phone/ iPad stand - With just a small sheet of acrylic plastic, you can create a sleek and stylish iPad or phone stand to keep your devices upright when you’re not using them, or while you’re doing something else and would like to keep glancing at your screen. Thanks to the grand choice of colours and finishes we have available on our acrylic plastic here at Sheet Plastics, you can customise your stand as much as you’d like. If you’re looking for a bold colour, pastel, or even glitter, we’ve got everything you need to help you create the perfect device stand.
  • Trophies - If you own a small business or run an after-school club, acrylic trophies are a great way to reward those who deserve them. They can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, and fortunately, the easy-cutting property of acrylic can allow you to create any combination of shapes you need.
  • Kitchen splashbacks - Installing a kitchen splashback is one of the best ways to protect your walls from grease and liquid stains that they may come into contact with while you’re cooking. The heat-resistant properties of acrylic plastic make it a perfect splashback solution that will protect your kitchen walls for years to come without the risk of discolouration and warping.
  • Aquariums - Large-scale glass aquariums can be very expensive, but their acrylic alternatives are far cheaper by comparison while being up to 17 times stronger. Particularly aggressive species of marine animals can smash glass aquariums and cause harm to themselves or those around them. But acrylic plastic doesn’t shatter and is extremely impact-resistant. So any damage that your animal may cause to your aquarium won’t have nearly as severe consequences.
  • Shelving - Acrylic shelving can add some nice variation to the walls in your room and subtly hold up the items in your room without making your walls look cluttered. It is incredibly easy to make shelves out of clear acrylic plastic, and it will definitely add a little something extra to your room.

Here at Sheet Plastics, we have hundreds of acrylic sheets for sale in various finishes, colours, thicknesses, and sizes to meet your artistic and project idea needs. You can reach us at 01455 818605 or use the chat box to speak with us directly!